How bring traffic to blog?

Yahoo Answers:

This is a site launched by Yahoo. It is community-driven question and answer site, where users can perform both the actions. He can post a question to the site and also can give answer to the question that he knows. So go to Yahoo Answers and try to answer the unanswered questions, that are related specifically to your blog topic. Try to give specific and quality answers and don’t forget to put the link of your blog on the answer. You can also use same answer to as many questions that sounds similar. Thus can help you to gain good quality traffic, those people that are really interested in your offering. Read more

David Ope digital art

davidope (David Szakaly) is a Hungarian/German graphic designer, living with his dachshund in a suburb of Budapest.

dvdp is the creative director and founder of the design atelier volll and Fredlig.
dvdp was raised in love – bilingual and bicultural (DE/HU), which explains a lot.
dvdp is living in a suburb of Budapest, with his dachshund Susie.
dvdp loves the danger: 2 liters of coke and 40 camels a day.

Visit his visual chinatown – inspiring stuff form around the globe and some own crap too.

This series is exclusive to I Want You.

Andrey SHCH

Interview with artist
Tell us a little bit about your background?
To begin with, I’ve been drawing all my life. I draw the way I want to and the way I feel. Read more

Jean-Sebastien Rossbach

“French artist Jean-Sebastien ROSSBACH blends a classic painter’s sensibility with cutting edge technology. When not working on Merlin or creating covers for Marvel Comics, he teaches art to hopefuls at various workshops.” – Spectrum 17.

J.S. is the co-author of MERLIN, an ambitious 116 pages fully illustrated artbook about the legendary wizard published by Soleil editions.

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