How bring traffic to blog?


Yahoo Answers:

This is a site launched by Yahoo. It is community-driven question and answer site, where users can perform both the actions. He can post a question to the site and also can give answer to the question that he knows. So go to Yahoo Answers and try to answer the unanswered questions, that are related specifically to your blog topic. Try to give specific and quality answers and don’t forget to put the link of your blog on the answer. You can also use same answer to as many questions that sounds similar. Thus can help you to gain good quality traffic, those people that are really interested in your offering.

– This is a tool which users can easily use to make the search engine aware that a new content has been posted on the blog. It makes it much easy to make search engine submission, and you can submit your content to multiple search engine from single point.

Guest Post:
– It is the easiest and the surest way to drive traffic to your web. You just need to contact the big and famous bloggers in the niche that you are serving and ask them is they mind, if you create a guest post for their blog. If they agree create a well written and informative post that will generate interest in the visitors to know more about your blog. You can surely generate huge traffic on your web using this tactic.

Reply To Every Comment:
– be time alert and responsive. If some one giving his time to visit your blog and make a comment, then don’t take much time to respond. One time visitors are of no use to you, you need to make returning visitors. So engage them more on your web giving timely replies to their comment. Remember visitors are the heart and soul of the blog, without them your blog is of no use. So take proper and timely care of them.

Interview a Big Name:
– This is also a pretty simple mean to attract traffic to your web. You just need to contact a big blogger in the niche that you are serving, and ask him if you could interview him for your blog. If he agrees it is also likely that that he will also embed the link of his interview on his web also. And thus you can also get rich and quality traffic from the interview and the bloggers link.

There are also many other means to increase the web traffic to a blog. But now I leave the rest to the reader so that they can give quality advice in the form of comments. Just remember one thing, no matter in whatever niche you are serving, always potrait yourself as the expert of you field. If you keep this in mind and get focused you can surely double your blog traffic within a month.