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How Much Does a Package Design Cost?

How Much Does a Package Design Cost?

How Much Does a Package Design Cost? I didn’t make up that number. It was given to me after a potential client sought out my services. He had a line of cosmetics and was looking for some great packaging. After a quick fifteen minute discovery phone call where I got a handle on his brand, his market, his product, his differentiation and technical details regarding bottles, boxes, dielines, and barcodes, I gave him some quotes. Read more

Creating Great Design Takes Guts

Daring to be different can give instant boost to market share

By Mary Zalla

The word is out: Great design delivers great business advantage. Design is being increasingly leveraged to move and shape markets, attract customers, and help differentiate among competing products and services. Read more

Package Design

In The Visionary Package, branding and packaging consultants Herbert Meyers and Richard Gerstman argue that package design is the same as the branding of products and product lines (Palgrave, New York, 2005). This picks up from an idea first proposed by the late package designer Walter Landor in the middle of the last century. According to Landor’s daughter, Susan Landor Keegin, “Walter’s overriding view was that everything you project into the world goes toward creating your brand. Each little piece is of equal importance, equal weight, and has to be appropriate to the audience it is reaching or the message it is trying to promote.” Keegin adds, “The idea of branding the whole line started early. It was logical to him.” Read more