Migration cost and timelines Magento 1 to Magento 2

You know you’re running out of time to migrate your e-commerce operation to Magento 2.0. That raises two questions: How much does a Magento 2.0 migration cost, and how long is the timeline? For small- to medium-sized e-commerce operations…

Make your web pages fast on all devices

Page Speed Checker Analyze your website speed and make it faster GTmetrix Mobile Friendly Test  

Top 100 Amazon searches 2018

Right away, you can see that searches for gadgets dominate this list—laptops, bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, SSDs, gaming controllers and so on. #KeywordSearch Volume1nintendo switch4,110,0002fidget spinner3,290,0003laptop2,680,0004headphones1,730,0005fitbit1,690,0006ps41,570,0007external…

Guest post resources

# Blog Title DA Contact Category 1 Forbes 97 Submit Business 2 Tech Gadgets 97 Submit Technology 3 The Guardian 96 Submit Entertainment, finance, business, sports 4 Mashable 94 Submit Social…

What are Freight Classes?

Freight classes are designed to help you get common standardized freight pricing for your shipment when working with different carriers, warehouses and brokers.   Freight classes are defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association…
Google social

How to Add Social Media Links to Your Google Search Profile

Google recently published instructions for adding code to your nonprofit’s website so that your social media profiles will appear in your website’s Google Profile, like in the example below. Currently, Google only supports these social…
social media

How can social media help your business?

People buy from people, not from websites. Shocker? Come on… you all know it’s true. But what does “people buy from people” really mean, and how can you take action now so that your business can benefit from it? It’s all about getting…
salary canada

How much? A survey of salaries in 2002

It's not something we talk about, except during job interviews or divorce proceedings. Very occasionally, we'll lower our voices, scan the room and tell someone what we earn. But it would be far easier to confess anything else. In compiling…
link building

High PR websites

High PR websites for your link building submission …

How to add share button to Magento

You can use share this tool. This will give you icons and sharing links. For sample I have added code here. You can also generate new using this which is free and open source, Copy the span tags and place them where…