Andrey SHCH


Interview with artist
Tell us a little bit about your background?
To begin with, I’ve been drawing all my life. I draw the way I want to and the way I feel. I was born and live in the best country of the world, Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv. I have never studied drawing, never finished any art schools, probably, for the better. Because they would have told me which way of drawing is good and which is not. And I don’t know any rules, basics, anything about the composition of a “correct” drawing, any restrictions. I draw guided by my heart and my inspiration. Young artists, who attend academies or schools, often suffer from different rules being imposed on them, and that does not allow them to disclose their talents in full measure. They are suppressed with those rules and their creativity appears limited. I believe that one should practice more, draw more, do more and view the world with the eyes wide open.

Who are your main inspirations? / What are your influences?
Life itself is my inspiration, life is unpredictable, very interesting and it brings me a lot of surprises. And also my dear girlfriend, my muse. Her large hazel eyes are bottomless wells for my inspirations.

How do you keep motivated and interested?
My motivation is simple. I want to astonish and amaze the world we live in. With the help of my works I want to show that I have heart inside, to show the beauty it is filled with, and in that way to make people looking at my works happy, or maybe surprise them. Surprise them with my world.

Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?
I like both my commercial and non-commercial projects. My last projects were applying my drawings on fabric, trainers, and painting on walls, plates and dishes. Also I have some interesting projects on decorating cars, snowboards, fridges and other domestic appliances.

What do you know about your country’s design/designers?
I know that there are a lot of them, they are very talented, and they please me with their works. I am grateful to them for what they are doing and I wish them success in their work.

Any words you would like to pass it to new comer designers?
I would gladly wish one simple thing to both newcomers and experienced designers: to wonder every day, and always look at the world through the eyes of a baby, which is excited by everything, and which is glad to any opportunity to see beauty and do something that could excite other people. Be wondered and try to wonder others.

What is your most favorite commercial design of our own?
My most favorite project is still ahead, it is not created yet. This is just a beginning.

Name 8 designers you like it most?
-Cmart (Oleg Pashchenko),
-Van Gogh,
-Bosch Hieronymus van Aeken
-Edouard Manet
-Tizian? Vecellio
-Kasimir Malevich

Any final comments:
Many thanks for the opportunity to present my works and myself in your great magazine, I hope that was not for the last time. If you ever visit Ukraine, I will be happy to receive you as guests. Especially since there will be a good occasion – in 2012 Ukraine will host a European football cup tournament. Come to see me, you are always welcome. My best wishes to you!

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