Using Social Media to Drive Traffic

Tools to use
At the BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas, Don Crowther, founder of SMARTS, spoke about using social media to bring traffic to your Web sites. (WebProNews will be spending the weekend in Vegas. Bummer, right? But we will be working, reporting from the BlogWorld Expo and chatting up the brightest minds in the blogging business. Stay tuned to WebProNews and WebProNews Video for updates.) He said social marketing is “using social media to actually do what you want them to do.” Statistics show that Facebook is almost as big as Google in pageviews. YouTube is double in page views according to Alexa. Facebook adds 100-250K new viewers each day. Forty-one percent of all Facebook members are 35 and older. Crowther said the “average competitor is clueless and this is how you can get the competitive advantage.” “Social media has made it possible for you to get into Google without being a rocket scientists.” Crowther offered a series of tools to use to generate traffic using social media.

  1. Smarts Tool #1: Squiddo (It monetizes, builds links and content)
  2. Smarts Tool # 2: Hubpages: (Content sharing site, may outpull your blog, but 60% of revenue share)
  3. Smarts Tool #3: Create your own Wiki
  4. Smarts Tool #4: Twitter
  5. Smart Tool #5: Create online video
  6. Smarts Tool #6: Facebook Pages
  7. Smarts Tool #7: Digg

WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Prince-Johnson contributed to this article.