Creating Great Design Takes Guts

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Daring to be different can give instant boost to market share By Mary Zalla The word is out: Great design delivers great business advantage. Design is being increasingly leveraged to move and shape markets, attract customers, and help…

Common Sense Sustainability: A Better View of the Trenches

By Dennis Salazar How green is green enough?...and how committed does a company have to be in terms of dollars and cents to be a good eco-citizen?...and can an environmentally conscious public raise their sustainable requirements so high that…

An Open and Closed Case, Or a New Trend in Soda Cans?

By Lynn Dornblaser Depending on your perspective, a 12-oz. or 330-ml can of soda is either a quickly drunk single serving or something to consume over a period of time. Up until now, if you fell into the latter group, you were consigned to drink…