Optimizing Affiliate Marketing Banner Placement

Banner Ads can serve as fairly effective tools for promoting your affiliate programs online. In fact these often serve as eye candies for the online surfers. However, the trick lies not just in the placement of the banner ad but in the correct placement of these ads and their maximum optimization.

When we talk of banner ad placement optimization, there is a lot of research that follows.

  1. The very first step includes making a proper selection of the merchants, whom you wish to promote.
  2. Once you have made this selection, you may then start developing content in support of your choice. In other words, you need to convince the users as to why you chose to promote the particular merchant.
  3. This is finally followed by the actual banner placement. Banner placement depends largely on the site layout. Depending upon the size of the margins, you can place ads of variable width size. However, one thing to remember here is that, the header for the banner ad should be appropriate enough to send a clear message to the users.
  4. While the side marginal ads are usually smaller in size, for horizontally designed layouts, it is advisable to have the squarer or longer banner ads.
  5. Whichever way you may decide to place your banner ad, the main concern is that, your ad should blend well with the feel and look of your main site. This is so because, visitors always prefer to have consistent layouts.

The prime aim of any banner ad is to send out a message to the users and instigate a call of action. Unless a banner ad is capable of this, it cannot be considered to be the best and all the above mentioned steps ensure that you receive the best banner ad placement results.