Another Social Network for Small Businesses is Born


A little competition for the Visa-Facebook project?

The options for small business-targeted social networking have increased lately. Last week of course, the Visa Business Network for Facebook was announced.

Another network is also in existence that is separate from the major players like Facebook and MySpace. It’s called Sta.rtUp.Biz, and it offers some similar features to Visa’s creation. Dot Com Mogul explains:

Not only can you network with other small business owners, the site is jam packed with resources for the small business owner, such as Motivational Video Clips and Free Search Engine Optimization. The forum also has three experts to provide you with assistance in each major area of small business. A corporate lawyer will answer your legal questions, the “Search Guru” helps you with Google rankings and provides Free Search Engine Optimization, and there’s a veteran serial entrepreneur to mentor you on business management and strategy. 

Upon first glance, it looks like a nice blend of a lot of useful content and resources for small business professionals.

Profile pages include the usual personal information as well as blogs and a list of the member’s recent activity, such as comments, and what groups the member has joined.

I’m not a big fan of the domain for reasons I’ve gone into before, but the site appears like a useful B2B tool just the same.

If anyone signs up for this network or already has, let us know what you think of it. Would you recommend it to other small business owners or would you just as soon stay within the established Facebook/MySpace/etc. crowds?

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