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Conversion Value Calculator by Google

Figuring out the right conversion values to bid on can greatly enhance your bidding strategy and help you target your most valuable customers. It can be challenging to determine which events in your conversion funnel to prioritize when generating leads. This handy tool will assist you in identifying the events that you should focus your bidding efforts on.

Calculate your conversion rate value


If you’re hitting your daily budget too quickly

  • Add budget to your campaigns or adjust your target ROAS (if using).
  • Check the Recommendations page for budget opportunities.

If your impression share is high and you’d like to drive more volume at your ROI target

  • Use broad match as your match type for keywords.
  • Add first-party audience lists to campaigns.
  • Add Dynamic Search Ads to your campaigns and ad groups.
  • Check the Recommendations page for growth opportunities, like adding new keywords.