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Announcing the release of Office 2010 Beta

Now is your chance to discover firsthand how the beta releases of Office 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, Project 2010, and Visio 2010 deliver collaboration and productivity enhancements to provide a superior user experience, whether it's on a…

AIGA - how to get creative results

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Unlike so much in today’s business world, graphic design is not a commodity. It is the highly individualized result of people coming together to do something they couldn’t do alone. When the collaboration is creative, the results usually…

How Much Does a Web Page Cost?

Most clients would look at this and say, "Hey, it's just a page! That should take about five hours to build, right?" Not even close. Here's why. The team that builds this page is made up of the usual suspects: A "Web strategist" who might…

Search Engine Marketing Proposal

Developing SEM online presence: Creation of RSS feeds for the dissemination and syndication of news; Submission of articles to high-value article sites; Updates to the meta information, including adjusting copy where appropriate…

Industry insiders' advice on how to secure a job in the current economic climate

Obfuscation. I like this word for two reasons. First, more than is the case for many words, it needs to be spelt properly. Clear communication. Attention to detail. Second, its existence is almost an oxymoron. Nobody expects you to be a one-person…

Online Shopping

Shopping over the Internet has become a common activity for many consumers. Although it can be a fast, easy and convenient way to make a purchase, it is also becoming easier for scam artists to take your money. Auction rip-offs, purchase scams,…

Link Analysis Tools

Link Harvester - unique linking domains, their IP addresses & unique c block addresses of the links Top Web Directories - Rated by ILQ (Inbound Link Quality) - This list of Top Web Directories contains the Top Directories rated by the…