Link Analysis Tools

  • Link Harvester – unique linking domains, their IP addresses & unique c block addresses of the links
  • Top Web Directories – Rated by ILQ (Inbound Link Quality) – This list of Top Web Directories contains the Top Directories rated by the quality of inbound links each directory has.
  • Free Reciprocal Link Checking Tool Reciprocal links have become one of the MOST popular methods of getting backlinks for your website. Although we don’t really recommend them, a lot of SEO’s have found success with their 2-way / 3-way reciprocal link exchanges.
  • Link Suggestion Tool – helps to find locations you may want to get links from for the keyword entered. Enter the keyword on the field, and click on GET SUGGESTED LINKS to generate Google and Yahoo searches for the keyword.
  • Link Popularity Comparison Tool – allows you to quickly and easily compare your link popularity scores to other websites.
  • Internal PageRank flow Calculator – allows you to see how your internal link structure flows PageRank throughout your site ( the source code)

Link Research From the Search Engines

  • Yahoo! Site Explorer – allows you to see what pages you have indexed as well as the backlinks to those pages
  • Google Webmaster Central – allows you to sign up for Google Sitemaps, shows some crawling errors, broken links, and a fairly comprehensive view of your backlinks. You can also add anchor text checking to Google Webmaster Central by using this free Greasemonkey script.

Other Free Link Analysis Tools

  • Xenu Link Sleuth – Downloadable software which makes it fast and easy to find broken links on your site.
  • Backlink Watch – shows backlinks and anchor text used in the backlinks

Paid Backlink Analysis Tools

  • Advanced Link Manager – downloadable software in combination with Advanced Web Ranking for $149.
  • LinkScape – similar to Majestic SEO, with a few more features, but limits your search depth to 500 results.
  • Majestic SEO – link anchor index that allows you to download an in depth link profile for any site.