10 Musts of Using Instagram for Businesses


1. Make sure you’ve created a business page, not a personal page

Ensuring your account is categorized properly will allow you to gain authority in your industry through the app. You’ll show up for a wider range of search results on Instagram and will even increase your chances at showing up on Google for certain hashtags!

2. Decide on a strong brand strategy

Brand Instagram accounts should always portray the same message with their pictures. Before your first post, figure out if your intent is to sell, to gain followers, or simply to gain brand exposure. Sticking to your strategy will be the only way to fulfill your InstaGoals.

3. Edit Your Share settings

Every social media platform takes time to nurture and grow, but the easy share options on Instagram can cut down time spent on other social sites. Connecting your brand Facebook and Twitter pages to your Instagram account so you can share your photo with each audience in only one click.

4. Theme your photos to have a familiar look

Having a cohesive, clear message in each post will tell followers that it’s your picture before they even see the name! Whether it’s through a consistent filter or the inclusion of your product in your photos, you need to give your followers a way to recognize your photos.

5. Embed your Instagram photos on your blog

Share the traction you get on your website by embedding your Instagram photos! Each post has an individual embed code for you to share on your site, so you can encourage readers of your blog to follow you on the app.

6. Post a sponsored ad

This option isn’t available to everyone (yet), but Instagram has started allowing businesses to create sponsored posts for targeted hashtags. Similar to Google Ads, you’ll be able to buy ad space for targeted keywords so your photos remain visible in search results for specified lengths of time.

7. Incentivize followers with exclusive promo codes

Everyone loves a bargain! Offer exclusive deals and offers to your followers to encourage people to follow your page, not just like your photos. User engagement is easily attained when it’s of the benefit of the audience!

8. Regram pictures users have tagged you in

Regramming pictures of users sharing your brand is a great way to show appreciation to your audience, and it’s a great way to show the public how others use and enjoy your service or product.

9. Host a photo contest

Hosting a photo contest with a personalized hashtag is an easy way to get others to do the work for you! They share your brand and your message with their followers, and in return they’re eligible to win what you’re offering. Photo contests are always beneficial for both sides!

10. Show off your employees in their environment

Giving an inside look to your company will make you seem more relatable and trustworthy. Show your fans who you are on a personal level to make a stronger connection than just purchaser/provider.


Article by Techwize