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Foundational Link Building Part II- Article Marketing

Last week we talked about building links through directories. Now we turn our attention to article marketing which is about more than just mere links. At least this is the mind set one needs when approaching it. You see, ultimately one must go beyond links. Think about the actual value of the placement as far as potential traffic, branding and reach. You will find that when you do so, that the links are of better quality and the benefits greater. As we learned last week once again quality supersedes quantity.

Google Apps Tour Video

Take a quick tour of Google Apps to learn how your organization can benefit from Google’s innovative tools.

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Four Ways to Supercharge Your Small Business’ Online Presence

Free white paper: Small Business Owners need more than an online presence to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, they need Web capabilities that allow them to boost their business and bottom line. By developing robust online capabilities for their businesses, not only do they have a better chance of standing out among the crowd, they also are better-equipped to compete with midsized and large businesses and their dedicated IT staffs.

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