Top 10 Best selling products in the world


Cotton – #10

Soft, fluffy plant that grows in the form of a box or capsule around the seed. Plant is 7000 years old. It used in production of: clothing, paper coffee filters, fishing nets, fire hoses, oil, cosmetics and medicines. This is the most commonly used natural fiber in the world.

The largest cotton producers – China (26%), India (22%), United States, Pakistan, Brazil.
The biggest exporters – the U.S., Australia, Brazil.
Futures delivery month – March, May, July, October and December

Wheat #9

harvest wheat
Wheat is the staple food of crops rich in proteins. Wheat has great role in the history of mankind – it is considered one of the first crops that could be easily cultivated on a large scale. This is the third scale production of crops in the world.

The largest wheat producers – China, India, USA
The biggest exporters – the U.S., France, Canada
Futures delivery month – March, May, July, September and December

Corn #8

Corn harvest

Corn (maize) is one of the most adult cultures around the world due to its ability to survive in different climates. It is the largest cereal crop grown in the world after rice. There are two main types: the corn used for food and chemical purposes, and sweet corn is used for human consumption.

The largest corn producers – the U.S., China, Brazil
The biggest corn exporters – the U.S., Argentina, China
Futures delivery month – January, April, July

Sugar #7


Sugar extracted from sugar cane and sugar beets. Sugar brings not only sweetness in our lives, but also delivers sweet profit for brokers and speculators.

The largest sugar producers – Brazil, India, China
The biggest sugar exporters – Brazil, India, China

Silver #6

silverSilver – metallic element, which exists in the pure state in a natural environment. It is mainly used for making jewelry, utensils and currency. Silver is widely used in the industry: electrical conductors, mirrors, chemical industry, film, etc. It is valued as a precious metal and used ancient times.

The largest silver producers – Mexico, Peru, China
The biggest silver exporters – Peru, China, India

Copper #5

copperCopper is another chemical metal, widely used for trading purposes. In fact, one of the oldest used in trade of all time. It has been used for thousands of years in their pure form, as well as alloys. It is the third most widely used metal in the world after iron and aluminum. Copper is the fifth most popular and selling product.

The largest copper producers – Chile, USA, Peru
The biggest copper exporters – Chile, USA, Peru

Gold #4

goldGold is featuring a very soft shiny plastic consistency. This medley of pure beauty, rarity, and invincibility. Since ancient times, gold was used as currency.

The largest gold producers – China, Australia, USA
The biggest gold exporters – China, Australia, USA

Natural gas #3

natural gasNatural gas is one of the most important sources of energy, mainly used for heating and electrification. 25% of the energy consumed in the U.S. – the natural gas. In the methane-based gas mixture, CO 2 and nitrogen. Natural gas is typically in close proximity to a crude oil, which is the most traded item in the world.

The largest natural gas producers – Russia, the United States, Canada
The biggest natural gas exporters – Russia, Canada, Norway

Coffee #2

coffeeGreen coffee beans are one of the oldest cultures of mankind. It is grown in more than 70 countries (the majority going to Latin America, South-East Asia).

The largest coffee producers – Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, India
The biggest coffee exporters – Brazil, Germany, Colombia
Futures delivery month – March, May, July, September and December

Crude oil #1

petroleumCrude oil is a fossil fuel and is considered one of the most expensive items in connection with the high demand for the end products derived from petroleum. Crude oil is the most traded commodity and selling world.

The largest petroleum producers – Saudi Arabia, Russia, United States
The biggest petroleum exporters – Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran
The largest petroleum consumers – the U.S., China and Japan.