New products from Apple in 2014

2014 year should turn out to be different, as CEO Tim Cook has reassured employees that the firm has “big plans” for 2014.

mac-proThe refreshed Mac Pro represents the most dramatic product update from Apple during Cook’s tenure, but it’s hardly a new category.

iWatch concept by: Ciccarese Design

Apple iWatch

Recent rumblings have suggested that a smartwatch could be the new product category that Apple is excited about. Reports last year had originally claimed that Apple would release a watch by the end of 2013.

While that timeframe failed to prove accurate, the company has been filing for trademarks on the word “iWatch” in countries around the world.

Larger iPhones

For instance, the jump from the 4-inch iPhone to the 7.9-inch iPad mini is too big. The main complaint I hear about the iPhone is that the screen is too small. Apple has been willing to acquiesce the low-end smartphone market to budget makers, but surrendering the large-screen smartphone category will put pressure on both the iPhone and the iPad.