Giving Props To Essential SEO

The basics never go out of style

Search engine optimization covers an array of topics, from a decent title tag to the world of viral video and social media connections. It’s the basics that matter most

If you spend much time online, there’s a good chance you have a greater affinity for technology than the average person. Something new comes along, and you’re looking for a reason to give it a try. It’s fun, and it could be rewarding too.

Lisa Barone looked at the current state of search marketing and SEO, courtesy of Andrew Goodman’s assessment of SEO and recent trends. There’s a lot of curiosity and love for the latest and greatest ways to attract attention, she noted:

There may be great value in spending the time and money creating Facebook applications, toying with viral YouTube videos, and seeing if MySpace is filled with anything other than strippers and bands, but that often comes with an awfully low return on investment compared to the traditional stuff.

All the latest technologies have their place. In a number of examples, social media and viral videos brought tremendous attention to their points of interest.

Such potential should not be ignored, but Barone cautioned against getting too caught up in them. Content building, link development, and researching analytics for trends and necessary adjustments may not be the flavor of the month.

But like a vanilla cone, they still deliver what people really want when things get hot.

 By David A. Utter

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