Design Salary Survey

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Design salaries

Design salaries in 2007 rose on all fronts… except in Fashion Design. Design Management and Interaction Design / Web Design enjoyed the biggest upticks.


On the average, consultancies were where it was at in 2007. In graphic design, interaction / web design, architecture and fashion, respondents working at consultancies made the most. Freelancers held their own and in the field of interior design, did the best of anyone!


Previously known as “Designer Rock-osity,” this chart compares what the average designer makes in various countries. The salaries have been equalized in a way that allows comparison of earnings in an “apples to apples” manner. So we can see where designers are “living large” – India!


Another comparison of compensation across the primary fields of design. The results are not dissimilar from last year’s, although industrial designers seem to be doing better on the high end of things.


Looking at the design fields in the USA we find that over the past 7 years that the West has been the Best (for designers at least!)

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