3D viewers and plug-ins


About FCI products
Using FSI Viewer you can present high resolution images of 10,000 by 10,000 pixel and above on-line requiring low bandwidth only enabling the user to freely zoom, pan and rotate the image. FSI Viewer requests image data from Single Source Imaging Servers capable of serving images and image sections in different dimensions and formats on-demand based on a single high resolution source image.
Therefore authoring of FSI Viewer requires passing the path to the source image only and does not require any manual image preparation or authoring software.

The way FSI Viewer retrieves images ensures perfect caching of image data. Providing source images showing an object from different viewing angles even allows you to create virtual 3D presentations. As FSI Viewer is based on Adobe Flash Player your visitors can instantly use FSI Viewer without the need to setup a browser plug-in.

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