What is the difference between Normalize.css and Reset CSS?

What is the difference between Normalize.css and Reset CSS?
The main differences are:

  1. Normalize.css preserves useful defaults rather than “unstyling” everything. For example, elements like sup or sub “just work” after including normalize.css (and are actually made more robust) whereas they are visually indistinguishable from normal text after including reset.css. So, normalize.css does not impose a visual starting point (homogeny) upon you. This may not be to everyone’s taste. The best thing to do is experiment with both and see which gels with your preferen Read more

What experience should have graphic designer today

With the great graphic designer visuals increase engagement by at least 10%. The most important quality for graphic designer is creativity. Great graphic designers create and need to be good in drawing! The second important skill is typography. Today’s graphic designers should have a good understanding of font families, line-height, tracking, and more. Design and multimedia software proficiency is needed, at least 2 years of day-by-day experience, not occasional small projects, but complex work for printing and web. Color theory is may be subtle, but knowing how to utilize, contrast, juxtapose, and mix different colors based on context is an invaluable skill. Color theory also involves lighting and shadowing along with the effects they produce. Since HTML & CSS are the programming languages of function, structure and style, graphic designers should know them so they can go behind the hood of the site or CMS they may be working on. Layout is very important for Conversion Optimization! Any good layout should present information and a path for the consumer while hitting that perfect balancing point between space-wasting and cluttering. For the printing design graphic designers should have knowledge of color space, printing processes, color separation, grid layout, and master pages. Read more

How to migrate webmail from host to Google Suite

Migrate from a webmail host

You can allow your users to import email and contacts from non-Google webmail accounts, such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, or AOL. First, you must enable this feature in your Google Admin console. After that, users will see an extra function in the Accounts tab in Gmail settings.  Read more