How To Get Over 700+ New Email Subscribers Per Day

How To Get Over 700+ New Email Subscribers Per Day, Without Spamming People, Or Spending Money Out of Pocket…

Alright, so you’ve probably noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs out there today, all have one thing in common… Read more

How to transfer emails over IMAP from non-cPanel servers

In case your previous hosting provider have not used cPanel and the transfer email accounts and messages between cPanel servers procedure is not applicable for you, but you still want to transfer your emails to SiteGround, please follow the steps below: Read more


How to add share button to Magento

You can use share this tool. This will give you icons and sharing links. For sample I have added code here. You can also generate new using this which is free and open source, Read more

.htaccess against MySQL injections and other hacks

MySQL injection attempts are one of the most common hacking attacks against PHP websites. If your website is hosted on a dedicated or virtual server, the best solution is to your server hardened with proper mod_security rules. However, if you’re on shared hosting, this is not an option. If you now think that it’s not possible to protect your website against various hacking methods on shared hosting, you’re wrong. Although it’s not possible to use advanced strategies to protect your website, you’re still able to protect it against hacking attempts using .htaccess rules. To implement such a protection, append your current .htaccess file with the following code, or create a new file called .htaccess, if you don’t use any yet, and place it in your website’s main folder: Read more

How to contact Google AdWords

How can you get in touch with a Google AdWords expert  Read more

How to prepare HTML5 file for Ad Words Remarketing campaign

Using various technologies for banners creation in AdWord Remarketing campaign become more and more popular. Simple standard digital ads may attract users, but may not always stand out from the crowd. Although coming up with a concept for a digital banner may be challenging, it often pays off. One of the most recent trends is the HTML5. You can build animated banners, but to upload it to your AdWords account needs some knowledge and best way to edit it before upload, is to use Google Web Designer. Read more

How Does a WordPress Management Business Work?

WordPress Management Business consists of providing a series of maintenance, support, and customization services at a recurring rate.

WordPress Management/Maintenance Businesses Support Providers:

WP Site Care

wp support cost

WP Maintener

Monthly Site Customizations

With your WP Maintainer service, you receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team for site tweaks, modifications and more at $99/hour. That’s nearly half our normal rate!

wp maintener



WP mainteinin

WP Maintenance Services Offered:

24/7 Security Monitoring – $99 US

  • Secure Off-Site Backups
  • WordPress Core Updates
  • Theme/Plugin Updates
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • 1 Hour Support/monthly
  • Add-on hours available
  • 30 minute response time