Favorite backlink tools

SEOMoz Open Site Explorer
ahrefs Site Explorer
Majestic site Explorer

All three of these tools will give you a really detailed, clear look at your backlinks and even anchor text distribution. The issue is you may also get different data from all three. They each have their own indexes and may report different backlink numbers. So while only using one tool may let a few links fall between the cracks, right now, using one or more of these tools may be your best shot at finding the backlinks you need to get rid of.

Most popular food brands according to Instagram statistics

Among food brands, @tacobell is the most popular brand on Instagram with 436,647 followers and 1,452,701 posts on their hashtag. The most followed brand account is @foodnetwork with 589,360 followers. The largest brand hashtag is #mcdonalds with 4,611,092 posts. Read more

How to Analyze Your AdWords Competition

1. Analyze Competition in Opportunities Tab from AdWords
The Analyze competition feature under the Opportunities tab in the AdWords interface gives you a comparative relation between your AdWords campaign and other advertisers. Read more